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CIVL Shuffle: Unfinished business edition



By Aaron Levy (CIVL Station Manager) – Email

Print Edition: October 22, 2014


Weeks ago, The Cascade’s Brittney Hensman presented a song for me to potentially shuffle about, and I didn’t. In honour of that occasion, this shuffle is about stuff I didn’t do, until I did.

Bruno Mars


Isn’t it surprising how upset Bruno often is? I mean, who’s dating this guy and decides that, whatever’s going on between them, they’re going to leave him in heartbreak and confusion? I guess this song doesn’t have to be about being left, but there’s a lot of pain. Go figure.

Billy Talent


FVRD musician extraordinaire and scene organizer Nic Mendonca once told me to check out the first Billy Talent album under that name. I’d already seen them once, headlining with Death From Above opening, mere nobodies at the time. One and a half years later I checked out I. I feel no different.

Ty Segall

Goodbye Bread

People have been telling me to check out Ty Segall and his various projects for ages. He has a lo-fi, sing-song aesthetic similar to the early Animal Collective work, like melodic Beatles with more effects on the guitars. I can see why people dig it so much.


“Tired of Sex”

I’d already been alerted to this album by such luminaries as my high school friend group, as well as Matthew Good himself in a Manifesto blog post back in aught-aught. Though I didn’t pick up Pinkerton until the green album dropped, one bar into the opener I already knew what I’d missed.

Pink Floyd

Dark Side of the Moon

Matthew Good had also talked up one of the signature tracks on this record, “Money,” years before I ever really gave the album a serious listen, which happened while syncing it to The Wizard of Oz, which you really need to do if you haven’t. Don’t worry, I’ll wait, okay?

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