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Club spotlight: CreWri



On Friday, February 23, UFV’s Creative Writing Club (CreWri) hosted their event “The ABCs of Literary Devices.” The event was the first of their five-part event series hosted by the board of CreWri; Marlena Ashton, Rhiannon Griffiths, and Nicole Tukker.

There is a mile-long list of literary devices that writers can use to improve their writing. We have all been taught the basics of literary devices before, and you probably have a general understanding of what a metaphor or a mood is, but have you ever specifically employed the use of metonymy, spoonerism, or periphrasis in your work?

The CreWri board progressed through a list of devices in alphabetical order, prompting discussion along the way about what each one was, and how to employ it in writing. For the devices which attendees needed more information on, literary examples were provided to clarify proper usage and purpose.

The board also went so far as to state their three favourite literary devices, and why each one was intriguing to them. At the end of the presentation, attendees were then invited to choose their three favourite literary devices, and entered a “free write” period to use them in a short piece of writing.

So what is CreWri? According to CreWri president Marlena Ashton, CreWri is a student-led and created club for creative writers at UFV. It is meant for any student that enjoys creative writing in any aspect, whether they are in the English department, or even science or business. They aim to be a resource for every writer at UFV, regardless of program.

As an organization, they work to create a positive and safe working space for writers, as a kind of support network. Writers tend to be introverted, so they work to present opportunities for people to come forward with openness, friendship, and honesty.

CreWri secretary Rhiannon Griffiths stated in an interview: “I know tons of people who hate having their work critiqued in class. A lot of them have been really interested in coming to our group, because there’s no pressure here. It’s open, and there’s no teacher breathing down your neck about due dates and limitations. [Our events] are an open space for people to come be yourself, and be creative.”

CreWri has recently added to their list of projects by partnering with The Cascade to bring our readers their monthly “Creative Compositions of the Month” column. In this initiative, creative writers can submit short stories, poems, and other creative pieces through the club to be voted on, and published.

Ashton states that “It was one of my main concerns when I became president that CreWri previously didn’t have any opportunities for members to really put their work out there, to promote themselves, and be published.”

She also mentioned that the club is very excited about the possible impact of this collaboration on the writing community at UFV.

“It goes along with our goal of encouraging creativity and productivity, and the opportunities that we’re hoping to provide,” she said.

CreWri as a whole would love to see more students writing for their own benefit, rather than just for grades. A line within their constitution states: “Keeping the light alive in writers to show them that writing doesn’t have to be daunting.” If the board of members continues on their current path, they are well on their way to becoming UFV’s home away from home for writers.

For more information about CreWri, and their five-part event series, visit their Facebook page.

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