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This collection of artwork, photography, and writing showcases the unique talents and culture of UFV’s artistic community.



Print Edition: March 19, 2014

Title: Identity

Artist: Michelle Auton

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Date: 2010

“This painting comes from a series of nine paintings I completed studying how we read gender cues and how these cues can be obscured. These paintings were an exploration of paint and gender representation, which led to my series Gender, now on display at Inceptions in the Visual Arts Diploma show at the Kariton Gallery.”

Title: One Day as Armstrong
Artist: Cybil Lee
Medium: Acrylic painting on 4×6 rough board
Date: 2013

‘One Day As …’ is a series of abstract paintings, and each painting is a fantasy role play. I tried to create the views from the perspective of special characters. For this painting, I dreamed about the view from Neil Armstrong (spaceman).”

Title (from top to bottom): Spikes, Shell, Flower, Cones, Untitled
Artist: Mallory Donen
Medium: Fine tip pens
Date: N/A

“My pen drawings are the direct result of my imagination. I draw with fine tip pens which allow fine detail; however, they leave little room for error. Therefore, although my creations are very free, they also require the skill of a steady hand, patience, and control. I create shapes, lines, and forms with the use of various mark-making techniques and patterns. I usually do not begin with any particular image in mind, instead I just let my unconscious do most of the decision-making for the initial stages of the drawing. Finally, I begin to see certain shapes or images. Thus, from these forms I develop creatures and objects that are not of reality, but rather creations from my imagination.”

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