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Dollarama drama



Heading into my final semester at UFV, my student debt level has finally reached its peak. If they weren’t already, the weekend trips to the liquor store and egregiously expensive textbooks are now beginning to take a more serious toll on my bank account. In an effort to change my ways and spend less cash, I have recently found myself turning to creative methods in order to avoid buying the outrageously overpriced food on campus. My latest method was to exclusively buy my daily school snacks at the dollar store.

At first, I considered myself a genius. I spent an average of $10 a week on multipacks of random goodies filling enough to satisfy my cravings all day long, and I had come to believe that Dollarama was the poor student’s paradise. However, a word to the wise: one must remain careful when wandering through such well-priced halls. For while the snacks you see there may be offered for cheap, they do not substitute well for a balanced diet with actual fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget to eat well while trying to stay thrifty, kids. Sometimes the splurge on a decent meal is worth it.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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