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Fashion tips for the winter semester

We’ll be spending the next few cold and wintry months huddled in our classrooms, expanding our knowledge.



By Brittney Hensman (Contributor) – Email

Print Edition: January 15, 2014


While army green jackets are popular, in winter weather they’re nothing compared to one made out of wool. (image: NotMargaret/Flickr)

We’ll be spending the next few cold and wintry months huddled in our classrooms, expanding our knowledge.

To be honest, I would not consider myself a fashionista, nor am I crazy about the latest fashion magazines or blog updates.

But what we wear on the exterior can say a lot about the interior. So keep that in mind if you’re tempted to roll your eyes at the “fashion” article.

Early in the morning, it’s natural to dress according to our initial feelings after a deep slumber. If you wake-up groggy, congested, exhausted, grumpy, and freezing, then you’ll dress according to those feelings. You’ll look and feel that way all day.

You can avoid this fashion roadblock by planning your outfit the night before. Choose something you know you’ll be comfortable in, but that still looks professional.

I have to tackle a fashion crisis that appears to be a university stigma in the minds of students for the winter semester. To be blunt, I don’t condone pyjama pants or sweats as a viable excuse to cover your lower half — no matter how cold it is.

When you walk on campus in pyjamas, you’re basically making a statement that says, “I don’t care.” The reality is, you’re paying to be at this institution and other people do care. No one wants to look at your faded flannel Betty Boop pyjama pants.

You can still stay warm and comfortable in a nice pair of jeans, cords, or classic black skinnies. Throw on a pair of wool socks with boots and your bottom half will be set. Remember, black and jean will never go out of style and will always be an appropriate option for university students.

And hair — oh, hair. Hair in the rain can always be a challenge. I used to be against hair spray because it smelled funny and I thought it made my hair look crunchy, but there are a lot of brands out there that can keep curls in shape, hold down the flyaways, and smell shockingly delicious!

Tresemmé extra hold was where my appreciation for hair spray began. But I’ve recently decided to use Herbal Essences lily bliss fragrance.

Jackets are a must in this type of weather. Don’t even think of trying to be tough and braving the cold — it’s not worth it.

The explosion of the army-green jacket has definitely made its statement of popularity this season. I thought I was being original when I purchased mine until I came to school last semester and saw the sea of green.

But the downside is that most of these jackets are made of lightweight cotton, so their ability to keep out the cold is lacking. A wool jacket is what you want to stay warm.

A quick tip on good quality fabrics: choose 100 per cent wool for sweaters and socks. Real leather for boots, bags, and other jackets are good investments. These staple items may seem to hurt your wallet on initial purchase, but I promise it will pay off in the long run. They’ll last for years and actually serve their purpose — to keep you warm and the wet out.

When buying these items choose simple, classic styles and colours. A classic wool sweater or cardigan is perfect to add layers when you want to sport your army green. It will save you from feeling the need to pull out your puffy, feather-down, winter marshmallow coat for warmth. Let’s leave that in the closet for the ski slopes.

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