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I miss summer clothing already



It’s mid-November, and I’m still having a tough time saying goodbye to my summer wardrobe. I already miss my skirts, dresses, sandals, and jackets worn more for show than for protection from the elements, and I haven’t even put them away yet! I find that my Canadian natural resistance to cold has been suppressed by having grown up in the West Coast’s warmer climate. This poses quite the issue when I can’t even think about my winter jacket without shrivelling my nose in disdain.

Giving in to the fact that summer is gone means admitting that Mother Nature has more power over what I wear than I do. Which seems eerily reminiscent of my own mother laying out my clothes for me as a child, which like most other children, I hated. So, we’ll see whether my natural stubbornness or Mother Nature’s near-parental resolve will win out in the end.

Also, it is likely that my peers will continue to see me wearing maxi skirts well into December, and by then I’m sure I’ll be so insufferable about the cold they’ll be wishing for summer too.

Image: Simer Haer/The Cascade

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