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International scholars come together at UFV to discuss the “Future of Food”



With the Earth’s population rising to an almost unsustainable level, food manufacturers must make the most out of our now limited amount of resources. Our current agricultural systems exhibit some serious issues regarding poor working conditions, food waste, animal abuse, damaged ecosystems, and more. The world is in desperate need of a new and improved means of food production that will provide enough food for urban areas, while consuming less resources.

On October 25, both local and international speakers are coming together to discuss what can be done to resolve issues of unsustainable food production on a global scale. The event is called “Future of Food: Global Food Systems and Food Security,” and will be held in the Student Union Building on UFV’s Abbotsford campus from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Organizers invite you to ask yourself questions such as, “Do you know where your food comes from?” and “Ever thought about the changing dynamics of food production and consumption as we head into the global future?”

The main purpose of “Future of Food” is to promote knowledge of food systems and food security, as the globalized world that we live in has become increasingly dependent on food systems that are interlinked. Thus, the list of speakers includes experts in food systems and security from Canada, Kenya, and Tanzania.

According Amy Chiasson one of the event’s organizers, Dr. Alex Awiti will be visiting UFV from Aga Khan University, East Africa Institute in Nairobi, and Dr. Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba is visiting from Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They will be joined by Dr. Lenore Newman, the UFV Canada research chair in food security. This collaboration ensures all international concerns are addressed.

The promoters of this event would like to note that the individual from UN-Habitat will no longer be speaking.

Chiasson stated: “We are excited to have both speakers from East Africa. I think that, as the only chance that students will have to hear from these scholars will be at this event, they will likely draw the most attendance. These speakers will also benefit students, as they offer a perspective that many UFV students have probably not heard before.”

The event will be hosted by Queen Elizabeth Scholars Alison Thorpe, Stephen Otieno, Vera Mwangi, and Mariam Genes. This serves to promote the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship available to UFV students.

“We hope that students will leave this event with knowledge of food systems and their importance in our daily lives, and also with an understanding of how scholars cooperate at a global level,” said Chiasson. “We are also hoping to inspire more students to engage in international internships.”

“Future of Food” invites you to participate in a conversation with qualified individuals, and to add a student perspective on possible solutions for a global problem. You can register for this free event at  

Photo courtesy of UFV. 

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