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Invisible hands



Is it just me, or are motion activated taps in bathrooms the worst thing? I love them in theory it makes great sense from a hygiene perspective to eliminate the need to touch the thing people touch with dirty hands once you’re done cleaning your hands. But they’d be a lot better if they actually worked.

Maybe the costs would be extraordinarily higher, but why is it that I can walk up to the doors at Walmart, and they open every single time, but I have to wave my hands back and forth through the pretty small space in front of a tap for 30 seconds trying to get it to turn on and then when it does, it’s only for five seconds, then I need to repeat the whole process? It also seems inconsistent. I’ll try at one tap: no luck. Walk to the next: my hands stay dry. Go on to the third, and then, boom, no problem at all turning it on, regardless of how many activations it takes to wash my hands. Let’s keep using these taps, but maybe figure out a way to increase the sensitivity a bit.

Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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