It’s Tebow time

The first three-quarters of last Sunday’s game are probably three of the worst Tim Tebow will ever play in his career.



By Balraj Dhillon (Contributor) – Email

Date Posted: October 28, 2011
Print Edition: October 26, 2011

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

That’s exactly what all Denver Broncos fans at halftime of the Broncos Dolphins game on Sunday were thinking as Tebow had thrown for a mere 24 yards after two quarters of play. Week after week Broncos fans pleaded for head coach John Fox to start Tim Tebow as they watched QB Kyle Orton, unable to close out games. Finally they got their wish. Trailing at half time of their last game, coach Fox got fed up with Orton’s performance and benched him in favour of Tim Tebow. Tebow was able to lead a 21-point come back, not enough for the win, but showed enough to move up the depth chart and take over the starting QB position for the game versus the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday.

The first three-quarters of Sunday’s game are probably three of the worst Tim Tebow will ever play in his career. At half time he had thrown for only 24 yards and fumbled the ball once. The Miami crowd was getting on Tebow, cheering after he missed open receivers and chanted his name as he walked off the field after failed series. The Broncos defence kept them in the game as Miami only held a 6-0 lead at half time. Continuing on into the second half, Tebow and the Bronco’s offence continued to lack success in generating first drives and showing any signs of life. The Dolphins were able to capitalize on the failures of the Broncos offence and went up 15-0 with just over five minutes left in the game, and that’s when the real Tim Tebow showed up to play.

With 5:23 left in the fourth quarter and the Dolphins up 15-0, Tebow and the Broncos got the ball back. With the way things were going, it appeared Miami would for sure get their first win of the season. However, Tebow lead an 80 yard drive from his own 20 yard line which ended in a touchdown pass to rookie WR Demaryius Thomas. The Broncos attempted an onside kick, which was recovered successfully. The Broncos got the ball back with 2:31 left. Tim Tebow came on the field and lead the Broncos down the field again, leading a 56 yard drive. With 17 seconds left, Tebow got the snap and half boot legged to his left before turning around and throwing sideways across his body to Daniel Fells who ran it into the end zone. The Broncos converted the two-point convert successfully, as Tebow took the snap and ran it in himself.

In overtime, it was the same unfortunate ending to a game that Dolphins fans are far too familiar with. Dolphins QB Matt Moore dropped back and waited for a streaking Brandon Marshall to gain some separation before throwing the ball. However, Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams got around the offensive lineman and sacked Moore who fumbled the ball in the process. The Broncos jumped on the loose ball on Miami’s 36 yard line, and kicker Matt Prater kicked the game winning field goal for the Denver Broncos. A fourth-quarter comeback win by Tim Tebow isn’t a rare site for his fans; as the Florida Gators QB in college, Tebow orchestrated several come-from-behind victories as he did in his first start of the season.

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