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It’s not a race



Why do we applaud students who take five to six courses a semester, overwork themselves, and get a low-to-average GPA? Then, when we hear of a student taking two to three courses, our response is “So, you work?” like that’s the only acceptable reason to not take a full course load. University is not a race to the finish. I think it’s ridiculous that students have the mindset that just passing is worth getting their degree done sooner. Is a 2.0 GPA and no hope of a decent graduate program worth the couple thousand you save from finishing faster?

Yes, school is expensive and stressful, and by year three we all want to leave, just so we can sleep. But students have accepted five courses as the norm, yet continue to complain about the stress, disappointing grades, and lack of sleep. I get tired of my friends complaining about how much work they have, while questioning why I only take three courses a semester. I want to have a high GPA so I have a better chance of getting into graduate school, and getting a great job. And, if it is a race, like the tortoise versus the hare, slow and steady wins.

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