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Being left-handed is a cool, funky character trait that makes for an easy conversation starter, but otherwise doesn’t matter, right? Nope. Maybe this is a holdover from when people thought us lefties were possessed by the devil or whatever, but society hasn’t gotten over punishing us just yet. I want to buy a new phone case, one of those folding wallet-like ones that can hold some cards, but they all fold on the left, so people who use their phone left-handed have to awkwardly fold the cover all the way around the back, or fumble around with their worthless right hand. Notebooks are awful too. Those full-sized page ones with the ring binding are painful to write in the way they’re “intended” to be used — I have to turn mine upside down so that my hand isn’t wresting on the binding.

Come on, society, stop punishing us for this. We’re likely not that much eviler than anyone else, just a bit more sinister.

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