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By Vanessa Broadbent and Megan Lambert (The Cascade) – Email

Print Edition: February 18, 2015

Vote online through from February 23 to 26.

Other board positions include:

  • Faculty of Access and Continuing Education Representative
  • Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies Representative
  • School of Graduate Studies Representative
  • Senate Representative

as well as additional non-voting member:

  • Ex-Officio

Voting ‘no’

If the majority (over 50 per cent) of votes for a candidate are ‘no’, that candidate will not be elected into the SUS board of directors. SUS may choose to hold a by-election for the option for students to choose another candidate — but they are not obligated to unless the board consists of less than three elected members.

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Presidential Candiate:

Thomas Davies

Vice-president internal candidate:

Ricardo Coppola

Vice-president external candidates:

Sukhi Brar

 Dylan Thiessen

Aboriginal rep candidate:

Jennifer Janik

Arts rep candidate:

Ekaterina Marenkov

Professional studies rep candidate:

Derek Ward-Hall

Faculty of sciences rep candidates:

Sahil Chawla

Joshua Wilke

Faculty of health sciences rep incumbent:

Ria Geluk

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