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Nightmares of Not Passing



Nothing beats the hibernation that comes after finishing a brutal semester, the long needed rest after the hecticness stops. When the last final paper has been handed in and last final exam has been written, there’s nothing better than spending at least an entire week in bed, catching up on all the sleep that was missed over the past four months.

But it doesn’t work when final grades are in the back of your mind. The long afternoon naps are disrupted with frantic wake-ups, fueled by a panic that in my inbox is sitting a notification for an F when I was hoping for an A, and my supposed to be pleasant dreams are replaced with nightmares of final essay questions I wasn’t prepared for. Instead of a relaxing week of recuperating and once again finding my sanity, I instead lose it even more over the stress of less than great grades.

It’s deceiving. The semester is over and I’m finally free, but my conscious isn’t and won’t be until every last grade has come in.

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