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Nomination period for SUS elections in full swing

The candidate nomination period for the Student Union Society’s 2012 general election began on January 31 and will wrap up on February 27.



By Leanna Pankratz (The Cascade) – Email

Print Edition: February 22, 2012

It’s election season at UFV. The candidate nomination period began on January 31, and will wrap up on February 27.

The Student Union Society’s 2012 general election is an opportunity for any member of the Student Union (meaning any student enrolled in at least one credit course) to seek election to the SUS board of directors – a unique opportunity to attain a leadership position at the school, take measures towards projects that will better the student community and overall UFV experience such as the Student Union Building, and provide a mediator between the student voice and such outside figures as, for example, SUS’s involvement alongside eight university student governments in the Where’s The Funding?! campaign, and the delivery of personalized Valentine’s Day cards to BC Premier Christy Clark and Minister of Advanced Education Naomi Yamamoto.

Such projects demand a competent and dedicated group of individuals, which makes it imperative that students put thought and consideration into their votes during the polling period. There are 20 positions open for election that range from executive to community representation positions – each holding in itself an integral part of the UFV community, from academics, to finances, to social issues, as well as more niche positions, such as an aboriginal rep and residency rep. As SUS states on their website, “Get involved with UFV Life.” The benefit is yours.

Ashley McKay, a second year UFV student, has just begun to think about student politics. “I haven’t paid a large amount of attention throughout my time at UFV to the SUS elections, but this year I feel that there has been a significant increase in publicity for these sorts of things, and I’m beginning to realize the importance of having a strong Student Union advocating for our rights as post-secondary students,” McKay explained. “I’ll definitely be more proactive on keeping up to date with this election, as I’m certainly more aware of how it relates to my student experience.”

Students are encouraged by SUS to attend such events as the all candidates meetings to gain optimal knowledge and understanding of candidates and their various platforms. Meetings are to take place in Abbotsford: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, as well as in Chilliwack: Thursday, March 1, 2012. Keep your eyes open, and be sure to check SUS website, as the location and time of these meetings are still to be announced. Polling will take place through from Wednesday, March 7, to Tuesday, March 13. Get involved this election season, and take the opportunity to invest in your school’s future and exercise your right to a better UFV by choosing the right people to advocate for it.

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