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Oat fudge bars get my goat



I have a problem, and that problem is the decadent, saccharine marvel that’s graced UFV: oat fudge bars. Until recently, they were merely a once-in-a-while treat from Starbucks. Now, Fair Grounds coffee shop is selling them, and all I have to do to obtain one of these babies is waltz down the stairs, bypass the trap that is the SUB chair situation (see Jeff’s snapshot), and order.

I know you’re saying “But Cat, that doesn’t sound like a problem.” Let me assure you friend, it is. Because now that I know they’re only steps from my office, I’ll be down there every single day until they’re sold out. And then, when they’re sold out, I’ll pace the SUB until they’re back in stock, periodically checking the display case, likely pounding on it and wailing for dramatic effect.

And what if they don’t order them again? Well, let’s just say, for everyone’s sake, I hope that day never comes.

Image: Simar Haer/The Cascade

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