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Q&A: The Fisher Kings (of Kingfisher Drive)

The Fisher Kings are a local band that has just released a self-titled record.



By Ali Siemens (The Cascade) – Email

Print Edition: June 6, 2012

Who does what:

Dave: lead guitar, vocals, harmonica

Darcy: keys, vocals, hypeman

Ryan: bass, vocals, attitude

Truman: beats, tones, vocals, atmosphere

Name of latest EP/Single/Album: Self-Titled

What brought you guys together as a band?

Truman: Initially, coincidence … we all live together as roommates and began playing together as an excuse to piss off the neighbors, but it quickly became so much more than that … We were perfectly in sync – I thought that’d be a really cool name for the band … but the other guys quickly dismissed the idea.

Ryan: N*SYNC is already a BAND!

Darcy: I’ve always wanted to be in a band, so this worked out nicely.

Truman: Yeah and chicks dig ‘em, so that’s coo.

Who do you guys find inspiration from?

Ryan: One of the bands we take greatest inspiration from [is] the … Hot Moonbeams, their alternative-style, nostalgic guitar riffs and smooth bass lines were a call to the stage for the Fisher Kings … and we rose to their challenge.

Truman: I listen to a lot of radio static on my way to and from work, and I find incredible melodies in the void of the white noise.

If you could open for a touring artist/band, who would it be?

Ryan: Hologram Tupac.

Truman: That’s it. That’s it.

If you were going on tour, who would play what role? 

Ryan: Hmm, that’s a tough one … I’d have to say that Darcy is the party-man, he’s always been the one to live this dream to the fullest and take advantage of everything we’ve made for ourselves. Dave is definitely the serious one, pretty much the only guy truly committed to making this band work – without him we wouldn’t have so much as an interview to our names. I’d say Truman is certainly the laziest member of the group … but godDAMN can he hit that beatpad.

Truman: I’d agree with all that.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your music?

Truman: We’ve really already come farther than we ever could have imagined … it seems like such a short time ago this band was nothing but four guys and a pipedream, but things are happening so quickly now, my only hope is that we can keep getting word out and continue to make a name for ourselves as a band.

Ryan: I’d agree with all that.

Darcy: I think we can ALL agree with that.

If you could play any instrument that you don’t know how to already, what would it be?

Truman: I’d pick the kazoo … never could figure those things out.

Ryan: I really would like to learn how to whistle.

David: The guitar – I really thought that would have happened already

Darcy: I’d have to go with the tuba. Really helps me keep a nice pace for walks around the hood.


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