All reading should be done responsibly.

The bridle and reins in the hand of deadlines loosens every so slightly, and drothes of glassy-eyed varsity zombies will diligently arrange their schedules to maximize reading time and time efficiency. And so shall you enter the week with aspirations to hit books and slam novels. Don’t overdo it, now that you’ll have a week to do nothing but.

Reading break is a bit like the cosmos. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the Space X Falcon Heavy launched a David Bowie-listening dummy and Tesla Roadster into the sun’s orbit the week before reading break. It’s a sign. We know that only through stellar time management and efficiency could somebody be capable of containing an explosion long enough that the tube it’s in goes up, rather than in every direction as bits of shrapnell.

I imagine the Space X team will take a bit of a reading break of their own, if you catch my drift. It’s been a long haul. Time for books.

I’ve done some reading break time engineering myself. Last week I sat down with a few mates while we plotted out when we should read which books, and where we’ll read them. It’s fun to read books in other places. Reading break is a time to get down and dirty with some words.

But book reading isn’t without danger. A rocket will crash and burn in an instant; a moment of exciting inferno. Reading might launch you into a world of confusion and scary thoughts.

This is to say there are risks associated with reading. Some might say it’s not worth reading at all. Those people probably just haven’t read before, or they overdid it.

Books can be laced with ideas. You can’t always pretest a book for traces of infirmity like anarchism, religion, or freedom of speech on the spot. It’s best to get informed ahead of time. Read books with people you trust. Stay hydrated, eat some fruit, take breaks between books.

Book breaks are definitely a must. You’ve got to take time to contemplate the revelation, let your mind come to terms with this new reality. It’s also good to detox from an author if you’ve gotten hooked on a particular one for some time.

Precautions should be taken with reading of any sort. Eyeing over chains of words and trying to make meaning from it is like being a lonely astronaut, abandoned in outer space, endeavouring to know the mysteries of spiral galaxies and twinkling stars twirling uncontrollably, no friction to redirect. Unless you read responsibly.

I’m going to make like the Falcon Heavy, and launch into this reading break like there’s five million pounds of thrust making me do so. Millions of pounds of ideas and brain thoughts.

Not a reader, you say? Just try it, you’ll like it. No one’s ever died from reading.