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Research your activism before you rally



I sense people around me feeling a moral obligation to take on more social responsibility, and part of that manifests itself in a desire to take part in activism in the flesh. I can understand a desire to move past armchair activism. I fear people have taken part in activism that has a good headline, instead of researching what they are standing up for. We have a shared obligation to stand up for our beliefs, while having an open mind. Before you take part in some social activism, make sure you know what you are trying to change. We get offended and rally before listening to an opposing viewpoint. Our rallies and counter protests must not be fuelled by social obligation, or offence, but by individual research and reasoning. You can’t know everything, but you should try to know something. If someone is acting without any good understanding behind what they’re jumping on, I encourage you to listen intently, and respond with a curious hunger for the truth in the other perspective. Peaceful and open conversations between those of opposite viewpoints are stepping stones on any road to peaceful, free societies, and steps we should cherish. With any opportunities to join activism and rallies, we have an obligation to listen and learn, especially before you ask me to line up.

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