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Review: Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone?



Directed by Danielle Warmenhoven

Reviewed by Katie Stobbart

Plays again:

Saturday, April 26 at 6:40 p.m.

Sunday, April 27 at 1:20 p.m.

This play was adorable and entertaining. It opens with a woman sitting on a park bench with a stack of books, as a young man with a yellow balloon approaches. She brushes him off before he can speak, listing answers to questions he hasn’t asked, like “no, I don’t have any change.” Then his attempts to get her attention take a strange but whimsical turn, as he begins to act as if he is in a Western. The mini-scenes within the scene shift fluidly as the actors alter their names, accents, and ages; acting was very well done. The whole thing is a curious blend of playing roles, projecting their own futures, and just being strangers in the park. The jokes felt fresh and the insights of the characters were sweet. The stage was used well with minimal set and props, and by the end I felt well connected to the characters, having spent some time with them in their imaginations.

Memorable lines:

“I guess I’m a poet … of life. Not the writing kind, the living kind.”

“Do you know Shakespeare?” “Sure. He runs that little pizza parlour down on 8th.”

“You’ve got the sweetest mouth. Even when you’re not smiling, your mouth smiles.”

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