Ria Geluk – Faculty of health sciences rep incumbent



By Vanessa Broadbent (The Cascade) – Email

Print Edition: February 18, 2015

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Ria Geluk

Faculty of health sciences rep incumbent

Third-year nursing program

Campus involvement

Former president, vice-president, and treasurer of nursing student association — currently rep at large

Former co-chair of the CRNBC student rep program

How would you describe the role of SUS? What do they do?

They’re involved in CASA, so they advocate for us on a federal level. They also try to get students engaged through associations and clubs, so they try to create a fun atmosphere on campus to give them the opportunity to get together and make groups and focus on their interests.

What appeals to you about the position?

I thought it would be a really good thing to have faculty of health sciences students on the board and be able to create a bit more of a connection between [CEP and Abbotsford]. I think it’s been a bit disjointed because SUS is mainly in Abbotsford.

How do you address the lack of student engagement on campus?

I’ve just been trying to connect with class reps and students from the different health care students and just let them know about my position.

Do you have any specific projects or bylaws you’re hoping to implement?

I would like to have a bit of an event where there will be a few different associations connecting on an event. I feel as the health sciences rep, I may be able to help connect people.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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