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Selfies and seedlings



By Cassie de Jong & David Myles

The famous Abbotsford Tulip Festival woefully concluded its 2019 season last weekend. While we are sad to see it go, the success of this year’s event has local residents more than excited to return again next year.

The festival is owned and operated by the local Warmerdam family, and has roots deeply set in the Netherlands and a love for all things horticulture. According to the festival’s website, Peter Warmerdam and his family immigrated from the Netherlands in 1950 to settle in the Fraser Valley. Along with himself and his family, Peter brought his expansive horticultural knowledge, and applied it to farming daffodils, and eventually tulips, in the area.

Every year this festival seems to attract more and more tulip lovers from all directions, and has consistently proved its value to Abbotsford arts and culture. It has also proved its Instagram worthiness in every facet, which drew us to attend the illustrious event to search for hungry Instagrammers on the hunt for the superior selfie.

The Abbotsford Tulip Festival surely is an adored spectacle. We approached the event expecting to see a great deal of selfies, but we were surprised to see how much professional effort was put into the ordeal. Both locals and tourists alike meandered up and down each line of tulips, capturing both the essence of colour in the fields and more than a few perfectly crafted snapshots. If you missed your chance to attend this year, or if you simply want to witness more Fraser Valley flowers, the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival, by the creators of Tulips of the Valley, opens August 1.

Images: David Myles/The Cascade

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