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Small, hairy steps forward



The most recent means to express diversity in a world full of growing inclusivity seems to be emojis of all things. In what is proving to be essentially one of the first universally understood forms of human communication, it is important that we establish equality right off the bat. So, of course, we must include all possible hairstyles any human being of any background could ever sport.

Along with a list of other seemingly random items such as lobsters, fire extinguishers, moon cakes, and bricks, emoji lovers who previously had to defer to blonde, brunette, or black-haired emojis will soon be able to represent themselves more accurately in their SMS messaging, Twitter, Whatsapp, or whatever other apps people use to vaguely communicate with each other these days. Options for emojis are set to include ginger hair, curly hair, grey hair, and even baldness.

The existence of new sets of emojis that can represent more of the global population is a precedent of what can be expected for the future of equality in communication. All it took was a few extra options for hairstyles to get things started. …Who knew?Image: Amara Gelaude/The Cascade

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