Snapshot: Being Jaded



Do you people know how hard it is to be informed and still be cheerful? It’s goddamn hard. I’ve got a part-time job selling clothes and this lady walks up to me demanding I bring her the top featured on one of the store’s wall graphics in a medium.

“Can you believe this?” she says, pointing to a man in a turban who’s clearly being dragged around by his teenage daughter as she throws clothing items at him.

She says the man should at least have the decency to speak English. And to find the right top because the one I brought her isn’t the right one. It’s not the one she wants.

Lady, I brought you the one on the wall. Also, lay off this poor guy, he’s just trying to buy his daughter some clothes.

Every second night I check in on policy decisions made down south. “Republicans confirmed substance abuse and mental health coverage would no longer be mandated under the Medicaid expansion.”

I lament the crippled, ineffective joke the EPA has been turned into.

I really wish Scott Pruitt would fuck off.

I talk to my sister about our youngest cousins in the States. They were born there but they look foreign.

At least the people around them are educated, my sister says. I know, I know. But I still worry.

Fuck off, Scott Pruitt.

Maybe it’s prolonged post-reading-break winter semester depression at work, but I doubt it.

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