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Snapshots: Number 3 bus, association contactation, bigger cheques for writers, math centre

Snapshots, curtailed commentary on current conditions. This week is the number 3 bus, association contactation, bigger cheques for writers, math centre.



Image: Danielle Collins

Image: Danielle Collins

Number 3 bus is a sardine can

Autumn is associated with so many wonderful things: pumpkin spice, Halloween, the number 3 bus to UFV being filled to capacity … Oh, yeah! For some reason, BC Transit thinks that peak time starts at 3 p.m. and only lasts until 6 p.m. That might be true for people leaving work and grade-school students, but this bus is meant to service the university. Most people will only be using it during those peak hours to leave UFV.

During the rest of the day, bus drivers often feel like they have no choice but to break the law and cram as many students as they can onto the bus so that they can get to class on time. I’ve seen over 50 people on the bus at once this semester. Peak hours for the number 3 bus should be different from the other buses to accommodate university students’ needs.

Catherine Bell

Image: Danielle Collins

Image: Danielle Collins

Associations, can I get your number?

The basic point of a website is to make some piece of information easily accessible. So how come I can’t find out how to contact any of the student associations or clubs on the Student Union Society’s website? The thing got updated on the 27th and 28th of July; clearly they’ve kept track of all these different groups, so why on earth are there only two clubs who’ve got a linked email address? Just how in the heck do they expect people to get in touch with them if they fail to make use of one of the simplest, easiest forms of modern communication: e-mail?

Is this just some elaborate plot to force me to go to their meetings, or a cheap way to get people to like their Facebook pages?

Glen Ess

Image: Brittany Cardinal

Image: Brittany Cardinal

Write bigger cheques for writers

Do writers get paid enough? As you go through asking the world of writing, some say yes, others no. I strongly believe writers should be paid more, as they invest time, energy, resources, and research into pieces they believe in. The same can be said of journalists, who are not always well-paid for the hard work they put into their articles, or for the editors who are constantly dedicated to improving their stories.

Writing is a creative form that is often overlooked. There are jobs that make more money, but do not always fulfill the creative passions of the worker. To be brief, writers spend about the same time going to school, getting a BA or a master’s degree, contributing articles on a voluntary basis, and striving for success and yet, they are not paid enough for it.

Rachel Tait

Image: Brittany Cardinal

Math Centre, best centre

The Math Centre: a place that feels like home. With its warm and cozy atmosphere, it’s built in a perfect location between Tim Horton’s and the library. Inside the centre, there are tables and computers for you to use, as well as various mathematical books for reference. A teacher is always present and always happy to help you with your problems. Everything you need is close; the washroom is right in front of it, along with a water refill station and a vending machine in case you need a little snack. The best part about the Math Centre is that it’s a place where motivated people who have a goal can meet to study or work individually. I find that the environment you surround yourself with is correlated to how successful you become, and the Math Centre is certainly a good one!

Esra Al-Abduljabar

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