So You Think You Can Dance? steps up to Abbotsford



By Raynah McIvor (Contributor) – Email

Images Mitch Huttema (The Cascade) – Email

So You Think You Can Dance, the award-winning dance-competition TV show, came to the Abbotsford Centre on Saturday, January 9. Now in its 12th season, the current iteration of the show is different from others in that the contestants identified as either a member of “Team Stage” or “Team Street” rather than being divided by gender. Team Stage included disciplines such as ballet and tap, and Team Street incorporated styles such as hip-hop and breakdancing.

The first soloist of the night was Jessica “JJ” Rabone, who danced a hip-hop routine that got the crowd grooving along with her.

The opening act was full of colours and energetic music, and it showcased the fun stage lights and back screen that the arena has to offer. The bass that pulsed through the arena was a sensory bonus that cannot be felt while watching the television.

Before the show even began, there was already a buzz of energy from the audience members.

In the words of the audience member next to me, “That was amazing.”

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