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Soundbite: Dead Sara — “Unamerican”



Dead Sara is back, and recently released a couple of new singles to get people psyched up for their upcoming EP, Temporary Things Taking Up Space, which is set to release June 8; one of those being a more rock-heavy track titled “Unamerican.”

“Unamerican” embodies the frustration of a great deal of American people currently watching their democracy crumbling around them, their country warping into something ugly and unrecognizable to them — all while being told by their government and those who support it that any opposition makes them “un-American.” Well, it seems like they’re beginning to agree on that point, and anyone feeling angry, depressed, and/or helpless about it might find some therapeutic solace in listening to lead vocalist Emily Armstrong scream “Fuck you! Fuck this, fuck everyone! … I guess I’m Unamerican!”

Even if you don’t have strong feelings about the politics, “Unamerican” is still a great alt-rock piece that you can heartily headbang along to. Armstrong told billboard in an interview the track wasn’t necessarily meant to be a political song, but rather to encapsulate that angry, rebellious energy. The music video is fun, with a great deal of artistic flair, and definitely worth a watch as well. I wasn’t familiar with Dead Sara before hearing this song, but am now looking forward to checking out some of their older work along with the new EP when it comes out next month.

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