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Soundbite: Hello Moth



Hello Moth, from Calgary, played Abbotsford Friday night.

His art is a performance of looped keyboard synthesizer and vocals with heavy effects. The result is a theatrical electrico-pop, making Hello Moth a kind of avant-garde singer/songwriter, touching on religious and esoteric themes.  

Moth’s music works as a study of the layers of a song interacting with one another in what creates a complex soundscape. Where the scream of a synth may be typified as video game music, Hello Moth’s compounding layers embolden each track into a choir of loops.

Though Moth’s studio recordings stand on their own, well-composed, his performance demonstrates the craftsmanship required to build each song. Hello Moth masterfully loops snaps, croons, and mic taps — what you hear isn’t what you see, and yet his fingerprint is on all of it.

Hello Moth has two full-length albums. His most recent release, Nebula Songs, was released in Oct. 2017.

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