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Soundbite: Logic – Everybody



Set to release on May 5, 2017, Logic is back with his third studio album, Everybody. With this third album, he continues the message of his previous two albums, referencing his growth as a biracial person. Following the events from The Incredible True Story where Earth is no longer inhabitable, race is no longer an issue and because of this, the citizens of the planet Paradise live in harmony for centuries.

However, in his titular song “Everybody,” Logic avoids that feeling. As it was in The Incredible True Story, he continues the increased soulfulness in his music as well as the usual rapid flow that he has become known for. The instrumental is familiar to that of his previous studio albums, which is a good sign. The song was produced and written in a way that it is both a banger and a song with emotional depth, as it includes his personal struggles all throughout. The engrossing song is shorter than a usual Logic song but it was done intentionally to not give the fans too much at once to hook them in for the rest. With the album set to release in a month, Everybody should be another commercial success and a success in the eyes of his fan base.

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