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Soundbite: PSY — 4×2=8



One of our favourite Korean pop stars is back with a brand new record! PSY, or as some might know him, “the Gangnam Style guy” released his eighth album 4×2=8 this month, and it’s full of the bouncy, cheerful beats he’s famous for.

A huge sensation in South Korea, PSY achieved international fame when the video for “Gangnam Style” exploded in popularity in 2012, and to this day holds the title of most viewed YouTube video at almost three billion. That’ll be tough to match, but 4×2=8’s hit singles “I Luv It” and “New Face” are already making waves, with both music videos reaching over 30 million views in less than two weeks.

PSY’s wide appeal is partially due to his crazy choreography and unique moves, which make for wonderfully quirky, fun performances in which he often incorporates other artists and large dance numbers with a good dose of zany humour. Whether you speak Korean or not, PSY’s music and dancing are incredibly contagious, and his charisma and goofy nature make him hard to dislike.

The album contains more energetic tracks as well as slower love songs, and those which showcase his impressive rapping skills. With an overarching message promoting love, happiness, and acceptance, 4×2=8 is a great feelgood summer album. “Who you are — luv it! Who they are — luv it! Even if you’re a hater, I luv it so much!” PSY sings, “I luv it, I luv it, I luv it!” And with the album already so successful and still gaining steam, it’s pretty clear he’s not the only one.

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