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A new batch of student senators-elect has joined UFV’s Senate for the upcoming academic year.

At Senate’s April 7 meeting, the four student representatives were announced: Ekanki Chawla, Dildar Singh Virdi, Ashmeet Kaur Saran, and Sahil Chawla.

Appointment to Senate follows a democratic process, but Senate only received applications from the four students who as a result were declared elected.

Ekanki Chawla will be a senator-elect on the Senate awards and honours committee. Chawla is a biology student and this is her second year on Senate as last term she was a senator on the student appeals committee. Chawla was also the senate representative on the Student Union Society (SUS) board of directors, and is this year’s faculty of science representative. She is also the vice-president of the UFV Circle K club.

Dildar Singh Virdi will serve as a senator on the undergraduate election committee.

Ashmeet Kaur Saran will serve as a senator on the Senate committee for student appeals. Saran is a finance and accounting and economics student and is SUS’ outgoing vice-president internal (VPI). Before taking on her role as VPI, Saran worked as a SUS finance assistant and volunteered for SUS’ finance, budget, and clubs and associations committees.

Sahil Chawla will serve as a senator on the Senate governance committee. As a biology and chemistry student, Chawla spent the past academic year as the faculty of sciences representative on the SUS board of directors. Chawla is the president of the UFV Circle K club, and has volunteered with the UFV pre-med student association, the biology and chemistry student association, and SUS’ events and clubs and associations committees.

The student senators will serve for a one-year term from August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018.

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