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Study tips from a super student



Although it feels like the semester has only just begun, for many of us midterms are already right around the corner. Having spent a fair amount of time studying (and panicking), I feel qualified to offer my fellow classmates the following study tips:

Studying in the classroom you will take the exam in helps memorization, as does chewing a specific flavour of gum, and using the same writing tools. Eat dinner. Chips are not dinner. Coffee is not a food group. Professors are there for a reason. If you’re stuck on something, they are delighted to help you out. Being present shows motivation for the class, and helps them remember your face. Go in during office hours with specific questions. “I’m so lost” is not a question, so I’ve been told. Just highlight it, it’s probably important. Stay organized to avoid last minute panic. Keep a planner of important deadlines and “to do” lists, and use different colours for different tasks. Take brain breaks. Study actively; just reading information is the absolute worst way to commit it to memory.

Finally, and perhaps most essentially: Don’t panic. Take a deep breath, walk around, and go find some coffee. It will all be over soon.

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