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Construction is ongoing outside of the Student Union Building (SUB) for the installation of a basketball/volleyball court, estimated to be completed mid-September. The project will also include the extension on the path by the shuttle bus stop along the curb and installation of LED lighting for the shelter.

The court will be upgrading the previously unused area of lawn space outside of the SUB, which often flooded with water during heavy rains. The pavemented court, according to Student Union Society president Gurvir Gill, will hopefully prevent the area from becoming unusable in the rainy seasons.

Gill said that the court will also offer students another physical activity to do in their downtime, while waiting for the bus or between classes.

“Things like these attract community; they’re community building,” Gill said. “We hope we can do a little bit of that in the SUB.”

“It’s something unique for a student union to have and for students to check out and enjoy.”

The court will have poles installed allowing for a net to be put up for badminton and volleyball games, which will be able to be played in a full court, and two basketball hoops placed side by side that will allow for half court games.

“Weather permitting, we may just leave up the volleyball court,” Gill said. “It sets up a nice line between the two basketball courts.”  

Equipment will be available to borrow at the SUS front desk during operating hours, including basketballs, volleyballs, and possibly badminton equipment. Students are also welcome to use the court with their own equipment.   

Gill said that in the future, SUS will be considering the possibility of having an outdoor shed or rack with equipment for student use, depending on interest.

Money for the project has come from SUS’s capital savings, which are used for emergencies, and general building projects such as expansions and building safety.

“I want [students] to be aware that this project is completely from our capital,” Gill said. “Whereas, if you wanted to change U-Pass or shuttle expansions, that would completely have to go through referendums themselves, or we would put them through our operations budget.”

The cost of the project was not available in time for print.

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