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SUS changes clubs and associations policies



The Student Union Society (SUS) will only be allocating funds to clubs and associations (C&A) at UFV for fundraising events, according to the recently updated C&A fund request policies released late last week.

Additionally, policy changes give C&A more freedom with self governance. C&A will no longer be required by SUS to hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs) or take minutes in meetings. C&A can also choose their own membership requirements and will have more flexibility in choosing whether to be designated as a club or as an association.

The SUS has a yearly budget allocated to providing funds for student-run clubs and associations on campus. Previously, allocated funds could be requested for any event that would “contribute to the community and campus life,” as stated in the 2016 C&A handbook.

Released documents overviewing the updated fund policies claim the spirit of the changes is to aim to promote accountability for both the SUS and C&A, and provide financial freedom for C&A.

The document states that multiple requests have been made both for increased financial freedom and for C&A to be able to purchase inventory items, such as books and power bars.

“We are providing C&A the opportunity to build self-sustaining organizations while gaining valuable experience in fiscal management and fundraising,” Jaleen MacKay, vice president internal (VPI) of the SUS, said over email.

Changes to the policies will permit each club and association a total of two approved funding requests per year, although an unlimited number of requests can be submitted. Each request can receive a maximum of $500 for the event, totalling $1,000 in funding per year from the SUS.

The funds given can only be used for fundraising initiatives, though proceeds from the funds may be used at the C&A’s discretion. Over email, Mackay suggested procedes gained through these initiatives could be invested, used to purchase inventory, try new things, or put towards future events.

The SUS executive committee will now be responsible for the approval of all fund requests from C&A, regardless of amount. Previously, only requests exceeding $1,000 were voted on by the committee.

The SUS VPI will also be responsible for reviewing all funding requests, expense reports, processing requisitions to the financial department, and verifying receipts. Previously, this was done by a C&A commissioner.

Image: Megan Lambert/The Cascade

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Derek Froese

    October 4, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    Wow, way to shoot yourself in the foot, SUS.

    Student Associations read through SUS bylaws and the Societies Act. You have the legal ability to sever your students from SUS and form your own Department Student Association. After that, you will get the fees that SUS used to charge.

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