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Attention, bankrupt students!

Bankrupt Social Spot (read as student budget haven) opens its doors officially on Saturday, October 1 as a food-primary licensed establishment, but November 1 is when the real party starts. Their tagline is: “We're #goingbankrupt so you don't have to.”

Snapshots: True North, Strong and Fun, An apology to Chilliwack, Mornings...

Snapshots, curtailed commentary on current conditions.

SUS vs Cascade: Why don’t we all just do our jobs?

"The next year is a new era for both SUS and The Cascade, both organizations under brand-new leadership. SUS president Sukhi Brar and Cascade editor-in-chief Vanessa Broadbent are both human beings I respect and trust on a personal level. On an organizational level, only time will tell if we can trust them to reverse the inertia of their organizations’ biases, for the benefit of their impressionable new employees and the information-hungry UFV student body."

Experimental poetry is not heartless

"If language is a door made of diamond, protecting a room full of the mysteries of being, TH BOOK busts it down, breaks it apart, makes all kinds of baubles out of it, and just leaves the room intact and open for the reader to explore blindly. And yet, after all the distraction of my metaphor there, TH BOOK does not claim to be some key to the universe. It’s just a book, and one that deserves your attention."

Campus Cat, Campus Hero, Hearts, not heads!, The fear of getting...

Snapshots, curtailed commentary on current conditions.

Soundbites: Har Marr Superstar, Bob Dylan, Eleanor Friedberger, Kaytranada

Reviews for the latest from Har Marr Superstar, Bob Dylan, Eleanor Friedberger, and Kaytranada.

Snapshots: How someone’s “honest mistake” can hurt, Five years on: remembering...

Snapshots, curtailed commentary on current conditions.

Snapshots: #BoatyMcBoatfail, Summer and sorta sad, sorta not, A lunchless lament,...

Snapshots, curtailed commentary on current conditions.

Death Grips’ new album is a bottomless pit of experimental excellence

"Death Grips is always difficult to listen to. With each new album, despite sounding the same on a superficial level of grating noise and barely-danceable, frenetic rhythms, they manage to show a new side of themselves. The newest album, however, doesn’t show a new side of Death Grips so much as it puts all the things they excel at into one tight package. Bottomless Pit sees Death Grips, once and for all, in total control of their chaos."

Panama Papers: The sweetest little opinion

Here is my opinion on the Panama Papers: you need to check them out. You need to understand that this is a real thing that exists in the same finite world as you.