Fat-shaming: it’s a big deal

kids rolled up on their bikes and started pelting me with rocks and names: fatty, lardball, chubster, pig, etc. But already at the age of six, the name-calling was nothing new.

Pink Shirt Day rallies students against bullying

Pink t-shirts and wristbands have been on sale in the weeks leading up to the event and will be for sale in Alumni Hall until 4:00 p.m. as well as information and resources about bullying in post secondary institutions. Following that, Sheldon Kennedy will be speaking in B101 about his experiences with bullying while in the NHL.

Amanda Todd’s suicide goes beyond simple “bullying”

Somewhere along the construction of gender norms in our society it has become okay for men to solicit these photos from girls online. Todd mentioned in her video that she flashed the camera after she was made to feel beautiful. She was in a place, in grade seven, where affirmation from faceless individuals on the web regarding her self-image was what she needed to feel beautiful. This is not uncommon, and it suggests something about the construction of gender that is at play in this issue. So long as we keep the focus on bullying, the conversation stays safely within the school system.

Burnaby parents are the real bullies

The kerfuffle in Burnaby over the anti-gay bullying school policy, finally passed unanimously on June 14, is a case-study in bigotry and overreaction. Though the amendment passed, the conflict is not over. Parents’ Voice, an opposing group of concerned parents, has recently submitted a petition of 5,000 signatures to Christy Clark – who has passed the buck yet again.

UFV student brings Pink Day to campus

Bullying is something that has taken place for as long as most of us can remember. Even if we cannot personally think of anyone bullied when we were in school, we can surely remember bullying in movies or television, like Gilbert Blythe, the boy who bullied Anne from Anne of Green Gables. The practice has always been prevalent on school grounds, both at elementary and high school levels.

Commentary: Gay today, gone tomorrow?

Over the last month, there have been five high-profile suicides by students in U.S. high schools and universities.
Asher Brown, 13, was tripped down two flights of stairs by bullies the day before his suicide. According to news reports, his parents repeatedly attempted to address the issue of bullying with school officials, to no avail.
Seth Walsh, 13, had been tormented mercilessly by his classmates. School officials were aware of the problem, but did not step in.