Future visions of the UFV area

The City of Abbotsford and UFV have officially reached stage four on the UDistrict project. In this final step, the plan will go to council to receive its endorsement before…

Chilliwack North campus nears potential sale

The potential buyers, the Cascade Christian School and Van Maren Group, a Chilliwack development company, are both interested in pieces of the property, but neither has committed yet. While the private school attempts to raise enough money for the purchase, the Van Maren Group has been working on negotiations with the city for development approval.

UFV has big plans for the future. But where are we now?

What does a university’s dreams look like? There are, perhaps, too many people working at too many different levels to say, in a simple, resolution-statement kind of way, that there is one dream, and this is where it is, and this is how close it is to reality. But if you pull out a single book, or a single document, sometimes you can find a very clear distillation of what is going on, or dreamt to be possible, in the hallways and offices of an institution.