Small, hairy steps forward

The most recent means to express diversity in a world full of growing inclusivity seems to be emojis of all things. In what is proving to be essentially one of…

New exhibition debuts in UFV’s Global Lounge

UFV’s Global Lounge is a place where students of all orientations and backgrounds can visit to study, or catch up with friends. The room features work spaces, cozy spots, and…

The consequences of the Whatcott ruling: can we justify being anti-stupid?

Admitting that your country considers stupidity a ‘right’ seems pretty funny. Still, jokes aside, Kerry’s statement sits in stark contrast to a Supreme Court ruling in Canada only a few weeks later – a ruling that suggests that in Canada you don’t have the right to be “stupid,” or perhaps even to tell the truth. Perhaps, stupid Americans aren’t the largest of our problems.

Malhotra Increases Canucks Diversity

If you’ve been to South Fraser Way in Abbotsford after a Canuck’s first round playoff victory then you might be under the impression that the team really caters to an Indian audience. In fact, the team has never had an Indian player on its roster before; that is, until they picked up the experienced center Manny Malhotra as an unrestricted free agent this summer after a great postseason with the San Jose Sharks.