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Passing the torch of knowledge

There’s a saying that “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire,” and I couldn’t agree more. On...

Kin Korner: financing your education

By Melanie Manson and Connor MacMillan Kin Korner is a health and wellness column by the students of Joanna Sheppard’s Kinesiology 360 class. Check back every...

A little rich, even if it’s coming from the B.C. Liberals

Under normal circumstances, the B.C. Liberal provincial leadership race would not factor much into my daily thoughts. Yeah, it’s going to be important down...

The role of LGBT curriculum in schools

Weeks ago, the Langley School District issued a letter to students and parents detailing its intention to educate students about the rights of LGBT...

Sailing aimless-ishly

I seem to have not planned out this whole education thing. Don’t get me wrong, the boat is going in the desired direction, but...

Level-based education solves the passing problem

We seem to be allowing students to graduate from high school with the mindset of, “Hey, I can barely show up and try, and still get by? Neat-o!” This is not neat-o at all; it is a travesty.

Mission school re-configuration intends to create better course selection as district...

With a recent announcement that the Mission public school system will be undergoing critical reconfiguration, combining its three secondary schools while simultaneously splitting off grades to form the district’s first middle schools, students — as intended beneficiaries — are about to experience some disorienting change.

Programming education

The philosophy of the “first year experience” in which students have the opportunity to exercise curiosity and expand awareness is one that UFV nominally supports. It’s a period of one’s life dedicated to exercising curiosity, a time of exploration and discovery; ideally, first year students have the opportunity to shop around and discover different areas of interest, before fully situating themselves in a program. But what is the reality? It seems many students are punished if they are not ready to be streamlined into a program of their choice. In fact, more and more, UFV expects its new students to be readily “programmed,” having selected and declared a program path before they’ve taken the time to shop around.

Why minimum wage jobs are good for the soul

I’ve had my fair share of minimum wage jobs. And even after all the mistreatment from customers, managers and difficult coworkers, I still think that this sort of employment is good for the soul, and not just in a Calvinist sort of way.

Cascade Arcade: We need university video game textbooks

I’ve been at university long enough to know that I’m not the only student who struggles to get through the often dense readings and stale homework assignments that are typically assigned each week. How many of us have tried to sit down and do homework only to have our eyes glaze over – even when the subject material is about something we genuinely care about? These methods of teaching pale in comparison to the exciting media landscape that we’ve come to expect from our entertainment and social networking experiences.