Weight cutting cuts performance, researchers find

Drs. Michael Gaetz and Jason Brandenburg, associate professors of kinesiology at UFV, and student researcher Jason Soolaman, have found weight cutting in mixed martial arts (MMA) athletes can lead to…

Trash Talking in the MMA

Long a staple of competitive sports, trash talking has increasingly taken the stage at many UFC events, adding a touch of controversy or a dash of excitement to a previously uninteresting fight card. It is now impossible to get through a weigh-in or post fight interview without a fighter sliding in a snide comment, putting down another competitor’s training or stamina, or taunting an exhausted opponent for a loss.

Interview with Neil “The Buzzsaw” Sheppard

On my recent trip to Montreal, I visited the famed Tri-Star gym I spoke to Neil “The Buzzsaw” Sheppard about why he trains there and what competitive advantage he feels the coaching and fighters there give him in his own burgeoning MMA career.

The Humourator: MMA is gay; And how!

As a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) I am repeatedly told by slack-jawed bystanders how gay the sport is.

A fool for hard knocks

The life of a mixed martial arts (MMA) fan is hard. First of all everybody thinks that you are a bloodthirsty idiot. Furthermore people think that rather than being a sports aficionado, you are in fact what is wrong with the world, and a sure sign that the end is near.

While I have written numerous articles for this paper defending MMA I freely admit that sometimes I question my own love for the sport. It’s one thing to watch two finely tuned athletes perform at a high level in the octagon. It’s something different entirely to watch two journeymen lacking the ability to finish each other battering themselves bloody while plodding onward toward a split decision in a macabre display of human will. At this point MMA does seem to be a pointless glorification of senseless violence as many of it’s detractors claim.