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Facebook game

The Cambridge Analytica story is a great spy thriller. It takes elements of psychological warfare, and even hints at brainwashing. The devious villain's evil...

Double robbery hits UFV art exhibits

An art piece was stolen from an Abbotsford C building art gallery while the exhibit was left temporarily unattended on Nov. 20. The...

Most web portal services back

More myUFV web portal services were brought back online today. Student and staff emails are now online. Limited web service functionality was brought back on...

UPDATED: Private UFV information hacked

Private information from 29 UFV accounts was emailed to hundreds of other UFV student emails Monday morning. The email demands $30,000, and threatened to...

Snapshots: Meat Mongering, Adult Trick-or-Treating, Secure Phone = Happy Phone, 3Fast5Furious

Snapshots: Curtailed commentary on current conditions

You have no privacy anymore, get used to it

Let’s boil the internet down to the concept upon which it is built: the sharing of information. The internet is a bridge that connects one big pile of stuff (the information on my phone, for example), to another, much bigger pile of stuff (everything else on the internet).

What can you bring on a plane?

Earlier this month, a man was arrested for carrying a pipe bomb in his luggage in an Alberta airport.