Six months without internet

This undertaking was both an experiment of personality and economics, and a protest against high internet rates. Before December I stated that if everyone stopped paying for internet, the racketeering…

Calling out mobile plans

Calling up your wireless phone company is no small commitment — an entire evening can easily be consumed listening to the cheap, staticky, elevator music as you wait on hold…

Valley Tech Talk

It’s a Tuesday afternoon, 30 odd students, staff, and faculty sit in a classroom. After a brief introduction, a man walks to the front of the room and begins speaking….

Black Mirror shows us a warped reflection

The fourth season of Black Mirror, a British sci-fi anthology series which Netflix picked up in 2015, is about as topical and buzzwordy as it is poignant. Therein lies my…


If you’d told humanity 20 years ago how abruptly our days would grind to a halt when the internet cut out, they’d tell you that you were mad. Yet here…

On humanity’s achievements

There’ve been some great leaps in technology during my lifetime. The internet exploded from a niche interest to a vital part of daily life. We have phones more powerful than…

Life in a box

We’ve surrounded ourselves by cold, dead technology – effectively barricading ourselves from nature. If there is nothing beyond ourselves and what we’ve created, it’s a terrible world. We can’t even see beyond the boxes. It’s impossible to be in touch with reality.

Gingrich promises the sky. Literally.

Sometimes I just stand back and take a look at what technology allows us to do, and let’s face it: it’s pretty damn cool.

The Culture Mulcher: Mulcher radio

Technological advancements cause our cultural and individual foibles and fancies to wax and wane. For instance, when I got a digital radio a good few years back my mother lamented the fact for weeks afterwards – she claimed that she couldn’t separate the memories of her youth from the sound of tuning in to radio stations. To her, the crackle of skipping through the forest and melange of noise and static until you found your station was a noise that evoked memories of her childhood. The advent of digital radios with their noiseless swoop through the airwaves mattered to my mother, however trivial it might seem from a distance.