Somewhere down the lines

Attending my first summer morning class after a good four months of the break was really a challenging situation. My biological clock needed some synchronization. While the lecture was going…

Passing the torch of knowledge

There’s a saying that “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire,” and I couldn’t agree more. On Wednesday, Jan. 31, I had the…

Q&A with Trevor Carolan

Early in the summer, I talked to Professor Trevor Carolan, and asked about the psychology of literature, social activism, Cascadia/bioregionalism, and ancient Chinese divination. Dr. Carolan will soon publish his…

Canadian Writers Series: an afternoon of poetry

Fresh coffee and warm cookies greeted us at the Press Café, where many of UFV’s students and faculty gathered together for an afternoon of poetry on March 13.

Louden’s Lit & Liquor lights up AfterMath

Over the next half hour, some 50 students and faculty filled the new seating configuration, and at 7 p.m., CIVL radio station manager Aaron Levy claimed the mic to welcome them to the Louden Singletree’s first ever Lit & Liquor event.

Trevor Carolan kicks off greenSPEAK

Universities are beginning to feel the pressure of anti-environmentalist leanings with respect to research, and professors are speaking up against it.

Book Review: The Lotus Singers, ed. Trevor Carolan

In a modern age that has forgotten past memories all too often for the quick thrill and temporary buzz of iPads and meat-clad singers, let me, if you will, reintroduce an image you might remember – from a childhood story at least. It is of the travelling merchant, a peddler of goods, from nowhere in particular, yet, he certainly goes somewhere; everywhere even. And in this memory – mine and yours – he is an important man because he is the bringer of goods and the connector of places; he is a keeper of stories.

Trevor Carolan speaks on Gary Snyder’s poetics

The first round of this year’s university lecture series came to an end on the afternoon of March 16 with English professor Trevor Carolan speaking to a full audience in room B121 on UFV’s Abbotsford campus. The event focused on the idea of community and its changing meaning in the present day amidst prevalent news of war and disaster, both natural and man-made. To this end, Carolan centered his remarks on the life and work of noted Northwest eco-poet and generational sage Gary Snyder.