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Move over, movies

People always ask if I’ve seen this movie or that movie, and the answer is often no. I watched a lot of movies growing...

The Leftovers impresses and entertains

Not many have been watching, but the second season of The Leftovers has been a triumph — a marvel in narrative and tone with jaw-dropping performances. That said, it might not be for everyone, as its strongest traits might also be keeping viewers from engaging with it.

Don’t run screaming from Scream Queens

Well, Ryan Murphy is at it again. If you thought that Glee had no plot line and terrible drama, prepare yourself before you venture into the world of Scream Queens

South Park gets even more progressive

After over 18 years, South Park is still entertaining — and more than likely offending some — people everywhere with its 19th season, which premiered this September 16 on Comedy Central.

Hannibal is taken off the menu, Creator Bryan Fuller hopes to...

Although NBC won’t be renewing the popular drama / horror series Hannibal for a fourth season, creator Bryan Fuller reveals that fans may still have more to look forward to.

Broad City: Hilarious duo-based sitcom translates well from web series to...

Broad City began as a web series in 2009. The four or so minute clips of hilarity were almost more than I could take. Racy and openhearted, filled with sex, weed, and those awkward minutiae life is made of, the Broad City web series made me fall in love with the two leading ladies, Abbi (Jacobson) and Ilana (Glazer).

Television review: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an anime directed by Tetsuro Araki and adapted from the manga written by Gan Sunaaku and illustrated by Hikaru Suruga. It’s currently available only in Japanese with English subtitles.

Cable TV culture shock: What happens when you reunite with commercials...

When I was nine years old, my mother put a strict time limit on the amount of television my brothers and I were allowed to watch. You can imagine one hour a day was difficult to divide between six siblings, all of whom were at different ages and interested in different shows. As the second-youngest, my Pokémon episode was definitely not as important as my older sister’s more sophisticated half-hour of Friends.

Channel Surfing: Girls

Who doesn’t have a problem with Girls? The characters are self-centered, their problems are depressing, the show has no racial (or class, for that matter) diversity while being set in the diverse city of New York, and there is nudity seemingly for the sake of nudity, which is annoying. Despite being praised for its portrayal of women and their friendships, there are big flaws — classism and racism, for starters.

Channel Surfing: True Detective

HBO is known for developing quality television entertainment, so it’s no surprise that True Detective is already amazing at the three-episode mark.