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Teapots and trilliums abound at Cultus Lake

The first time I hiked Teapot hill, I didn’t notice the teapots.



Image: Joel Smart

By Sasha Moedt (The Cascade) – Email

Print Edition: March 18, 2015

Image: Joel Smart

The first time I hiked Teapot hill, I didn’t notice the teapots. They aren’t in obvious locations; nestled in mossy hollows, perched on distant stumps, resting between tree branches. On my hike down, I started to notice them — I counted 15.

It’s been a tradition that’s been going on for years, as if Teapot Hill weren’t already a great hike for a sunny day, and it adds charm.

Teapot hill is located kmin Cultus Lake Provincial Park, and it overlooks Cultus Lake. It was named in the ‘40s by a logger who found a teapot on the hill, according to CBC.

The area is well-groomed, being a provincial park, and you’ll always bump into fellow hikers. There is an outhouse near the base of the hill, and a couple information boards with a trail map, and descriptions of local native species populating the area.

Teapot Hill is actually an area that hosts a rare orchid — the trillium — as well as the western columbine and tiger lily.

It’s because of these species that the Provincial Park has stopped allowing hikers to bring their teapots. When people go off-trail, they unknowingly trample the orchid’s delicate habitat. But you’ll still see teapots left over from before the ban. If you want to be a rebel, make sure you don’t go off-trail to place your own ode to teapot hill.

Teapot Hill is a great beginner’s trail for hikers that want to exert their strength a bit. The incline is manageable, but you’ll feel the burn.

The Cultus area has gorgeous forests. The mossy trees are a mix of deciduous and coniferous. There are small sword fern meadows. There is a stream near the base of the hill.

The hike up has a bit of incline, especially as you near the top of the hill. As the trail levels out, you’ll start to see Cultus Lake. Don’t stop until you’ve reached the end, because the nicest view is there. It’s pretty cool to see the lake way below, framed by the trees; it looks huge.

Teapot Hill isn’t too strenuous, and it’s complete with a rewarding view. It’s a hike marked by whimsical gestures of community. Take a sunny afternoon to check out the area.

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