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The best drink in the world award goes to…



Tea. The world really wouldn’t be the same without tea. It is possibly the most versatile and flavourful drink that has ever been discovered. It is far superior to coffee; you can choose from zero to coffee-level caffeine content, and from multiple flavours that don’t require packing the beverage with sugar. Plus, decaf tea is actually drinkable, unlike decaf coffee. Tea can be drunk cold or warm, in the summer or winter. You can have tea with breakfast to wake up, a light afternoon tea with a snack, and a soothing nighttime tea before bed. It doesn’t require any special equipment to prep, just a cup, and a way to boil water.

In fact, tea is so great it might even help to fight cancer, with many varieties of tea being packed with antioxidants. Black tea may be linked to a reduced risk of strokes, and can improve artery health, unlike coffee, which has been shown to increase blood pressure, and has been lightly linked with an increased chance of strokes. The more I think about it, the more I realize there doesn’t seem to be any downside to this wonderful drink.

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