The classic badassery of Doc Martens

Dr. Martens have always screamed badass grunge.



By Charlynn Jelier (Contributor) – Email

Print Edition: January 14, 2015

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Dr. Martens have always screamed badass grunge. Also known as Doc Martens, DMs or Docs, these boots are iconic in the fashion world. However, they had a rather ordinary beginning. The first pair of Doc Martens were created when the German Dr. Klaus Martens broke his foot during a skiing accident. He found regular army boots uncomfortable so, along with his friend and fellow innovator Dr. Funck, he created air-cushioned soles for his army boots. Soon the market for the boots grew, and they expanded out of Germany and into the UK where the Griggs family, who had been making boots since 1901, received the rights to manufacture them.

The first pair of original Dr. Martens went on sale April 1, 1940. They became a reliable work boot for policemen, postmen, and, surprisingly, housewives. However, they were quickly taken up by the skinhead movement in their quest for a youth revolution. Tired of being clones of their parents, they started to rebel, working-class style. As time wore on, more and more subcultures adopted Docs as their own. People wearing gothic, punk, mod, and grunge styles all began wearing them. The ‘90s were a huge moment for Docs as the grunge trend became increasingly popular and Docs popularized with it.

Dr. Martens are comfortable, fashionable and last for years. There are no limitations to what they can be worn with; adding an edge to a cute dress with Docs and a motorcycle jacket is a good way to incorporate a tough-looking pair of boots into your wardrobe. Docs can also be worn to dress a skirt and blazer combo down. And who could forget the classic band tee, ripped jeans and Docs pairing? If black boots aren’t your thing, Docs offer a variety of patterns and colours to pick from, ranging from floral to neon to polka dots.

For guys, Docs can accentuate the working-man vibe and lumberjack look when paired with red flannel, a canvas jacket and jeans. A blazer with trousers can be dressed down with a classic black pair of Docs as well. If dressy isn’t the look you normally go for, try pairing them with jeans, a hoodie, and a beanie for that comfy, everyday look.

Docs have historically been a symbol of rebellion, culture, free thinking and a journey of finding one’s self. Instead of being intimidated by them, why not try a pair on for size? With loads of different styles, there could easily be a pair that speaks to you. Docs have played a part in shaping history. Who knows what will happen next? The next big thing could happen from someone donning a pair of Docs, enroute to change history one yellow-stitched step at a time.   

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