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The Fashion Doctor: A fashionista’s day off

In my opinion, though, nothing says comfort like leggings.



By Jasmine Proctor (Contributor) – Email

Print Edition: February 6, 2013

Ever have one of those days when you want to just roll out of bed and go to school? They come around every semester—usually as a result of those long nights of pre-midterm studying—and you wake up feeling like hell. These are the days when you would much rather put in as little effort as possible, put your hair up, slap on some moisturizer and be good to go. As much as you may love fashion, on these days it is on the lower end of your priorities.

When those lazy days come around, I am often stuck as to what to wear. Pajamas are out. That’s not up for discussion, in my opinion. There are just so many other options out there that can make you feel just as, if not more, comfortable than any thermal sleepwear can offer. No, I am not insinuating you should reach into your pockets and buy a pair of God-forsaken pajama jeans (worst invention ever), but rather that you should know your options and how you can put them together to look great without much effort.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind, then? More than likely, it’s yoga pants. Not sweats and yet not leggings either, these babies are a both comfortable and figure-flattering, making them the most popular choice when it comes to being cozy. Just take a look around campus, and you’ll see how admired these bad boys are, with the dozens of girls sporting them on a daily basis.

In my opinion, though, nothing says comfort like leggings. Similar to the yoga pant, these are my go-to piece when I am overtired and hating the world. They are just so versatile and stretchy. Not only this, but when paired the right way, they can be comfortable and stylish, all at the same time. You just have to know how to wear them. Shirts that do not cover your rear, I am sad to say, are a definite no. Remember: these are not pants, my friends. They are leggings, just a few fibres thicker than tights. Keep this in mind.

What are your options then? Well, this is where baggy shirts and sweaters can become your best friend. Throw on a nice, long, cable-knit sweater or loose-fitting t-shirt, some opaque black leggings, a pair of your favourite boots or loafers, and you’re good. As well, they make great pieces for colder days when you want to layer. You can wear a thermal underneath to keep the cold out – toss on a bulky jacket to add even more warmth. Layering is such a good way to not only keep toasty, but also cozy while you sit through another three-hour lecture. If that doesn’t scream comfort, I don’t know what does.

Want to add something a little extra? Throw on a pair of gold studs or a few bracelets, along with a long necklace. The basic pieces of your outfit can virtually work with any type of jewelry, and the versatility of them can definitely work to your advantage.

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