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You Say Party!, Neil Young, The White Stripes & more in this week’s edition!



by Paul Falardeau (Arts & Life Editor)

You Say Party! – Stockholm Syndrome
From back in the days when the name was longer, this is a track that says everything about what this band is: catchy, danceable music that still has some considerable rock beating the mix around. It’s all tied up with a level of cohesiveness you only find in a select few bands.

Neil Young – Hitchhiker

One of the best of his new album, Le Noise, this is a particularly scruffy track from a solo Neil Young (along with some pretty genuinely trippy tricks happening on the studio side) that tells a young man’s drug-addled rise to fame (hint: the young man is Young).

The White Stripes – Little Acorns

This is here this week because it has been too long since I praised the genius of Jack White III. Hint: put out another White Stripes album (or another band, I suppose that is more likely, isn’t it, you wicked beast?). “Little Acorns” blends spoken word into song better than most (love the way the guy says “acurns”) and the way the piano riff mutates into a thrashing guitar counterpart is unforgettable.

The Black Keys – Heavy Soul

It’s doubtful that the Keys played this deep cut at their recent sold out (sigh) show this past weekend. It is likely, however, that I hate those of you who went. Nonetheless, the rest of us can enjoy this drum-swacking, guttering guitar greatness.

Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood # 2 (Laika)
As you may remember (if you read my review of their latest album, The Suburbs) I had never found much interest within the auditory lines of Arcade Fire. However, on the strength of their latest effort, and some choice words from converted members of the audience at their latest sold-out performance, I have been playing this resounding classic on repeat.

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