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The Modern Peasant



We romanticize medieval life quite a bit, and have skewed perceptions of what the Dark Ages were really like. On our screen we see soldiers clash under the sun, knights charge valiantly on massive horses, and legions of archers being told to “HOLD, HOOLD, NAAOOWWW!” Political intrigue plays out in secret from behind wispy curtains, poison goblets, and hidden knives. Revenge stories influence generational trauma that comes to light in grand courtrooms as all the jewelry clangs and jangles while the actors and actresses gesture passionately. We love it, as a society clearly we are projecting something of our inner desires onto these shows, living vicariously through them; for example, Game of Thrones, to note one major series, but also literally every single other kind of swords and horses fantasy, medieval-type movie, book, TV show, or video game you’ve ever heard of. Now I’ve enjoyed my share of fantasy-based media, but my point is that the vast majority of us would not be powerful queens, wealthy merchants, or valiant knights. We would mostly be those dirty villagers running about screaming and clutching babies or just crying in the corner, terrified during battle scenes.

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