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To like or not to like?



At the end of 2016, Facebook showed users videos with some stats, including how many posts they’d “liked” that year. I noticed my total was far higher than practically everyone I know (like, by thousands…), and it made me wonder:

Why do there seem to be so many people who hardly ever, or even never, like — or one of the other “reactions” — people’s posts?

Is it because they don’t like the posts? Perhaps they’re hard to impress. Maybe they just don’t see or read a lot of posts? Or made a decision long ago that they just weren’t going to do that? Do they worry that others might think it’s weird they were reading their post and/or not want them to know they did?? Isn’t that the point?

I don’t always have time to comment, so I’ll often just like something to let the person know somebody noticed, laughed, or was otherwise affected by what they put out into the world.

Maybe I’m a weirdo who’s just overly generous with my likes, but I don’t mind some people possibly thinking me strange when I know most people probably appreciate it.

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